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    Pais: Mateus Dias; Maria Padrinhos: Gonçalo João; Maria
    Dates 1618-09-16 - 1618-09-16
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00138
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.34v.
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    Pais: Pedro Dias Padrinhos: Pedro Dias; Maria
    Dates 1619-11-25 - 1619-11-25
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00139
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.36
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    Pais: Francisco Queiroz (Abade); Paula Padrinhos: Domingos; Maria Jorge Mãe solteira
    Dates 1616-04-02 - 1616-04-02
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00140
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.36
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    Pais: Manuel Gonçalves; Antónja Lois Padrinhos: João Gonçalves; Clara
    Dates 1603-01-20 - 1603-01-20
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00141
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.2-f.10v.
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    Pais: Pedro Dias; Maria Teixeira Padrinhos: Francisco Domingos; Marta
    Dates 1623-11-22 - 1623-11-22
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00142
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.2-f.42
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    Pais: Salvador Jorge; Filipa Ribeira Padrinhos: Manuel Pinto; Clara
    Dates 1619-05-09 - 1619-05-09
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00143
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.2-f.35
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    Pais: AntónioMartins; Francisca Gonçalves Padrinhos: Maria Pereira
    Dates 1618-10-21 - 1618-10-21
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00144
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.34v..
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    Pais: Francisco Coelho; Francisca Padrinhos: Domingos Mateus; Maria Mãe solteira
    Dates 1609-09-13 - 1609-09-13
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00145
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.20.
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    Pais: Gaspar Jorge; Maria Gonçalves Padrinhos: Salvador João; Maria Lois Mãe viúva
    Dates 1601-04-01 - 1601-04-01
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00146
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.8
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    Pais: André Luís; Ana Padrinhos: Dinis; Isabel Mãe solteira
    Dates 1615-03-01 - 1615-03-01
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00147
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.29