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    Pais: António Gonçalves; Isabel Nogueira Padrinhos: Gaspar Nogueira
    Dates 1607-12-23 - 1607-12-23
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00148
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.18
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    Pais: António Gonçalves; Ana Pinta Padrinhos: Gaspar Gonçalves
    Dates 1606-01-22 - 1606-01-22
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00149
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.16
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    Pais: Bastião Gonçalves; Isabel Gonçalves Padrinhos: Manuel Dias; Ana
    Dates 1620-08-15 - 1620-08-15
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00150
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.37
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    Pais: Domingos João; Maria Padrinhos: Manuel Regadas; Maria Manuel
    Dates 1617-05-07 - 1617-05-07
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00151
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.33v.
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    Pais: Domingos Jorge; Francisca Dias Padrinhos: Catarina Gonçalves; Francisco
    Dates 1599-12-23 - 1599-12-23
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00152
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.5
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    Pais: Gaspar Gonçalve ; Paula Garcia Padrinhos: Paulo da Povoa; Isabel
    Dates 1622-10-16 - 1622-10-16
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00153
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.39v.
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    Pais: Gaspar Gonçalves; Paula Garcia Padrinhos: Paulo; Maria Dias
    Dates 1622-06-19 - 1622-06-19
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00154
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.39
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    Pais:Gaspar Jorge; Inês Fernandes Padrinhos: Bastião Ribeiro; Maria Manuel
    Dates 1600-05-14 - 1600-05-14
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00155
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.6v.
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    Pais:Gonçalo Dias; Isabel Gonçalves Padrinhos: Manuel Jorge; Maria Dias
    Dates 1600-02-20 - 1600-02-20
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00156
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.5v.
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    Pais: Maria da Eira Padrinhos: Gaspar Pires; Maria Dias
    Dates 1601-11-08 - 1601-11-08
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00157
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.9