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    Pais: Maria da Eira Padrinhos: Gaspar Pires; Maria Dias
    Dates 1601-11-08 - 1601-11-08
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00157
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.9
  • Item
    Pais: João Dias; Maria Domingues Padrinhos: Tomé Dias; Cizilia
    Dates 1598-07-05 - 1598-07-05
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00158
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.3v.
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    Pais: João Gonçalves; Maria Padrinhos: Francisco Gonçalves da Póvoa; Isabel Francisca Mãe solteira
    Dates 1601-01-25 - 1601-01-25
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00159
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.7v.
  • Item
    Pais: Manuel Gonçalves; Maria Jorge Padrinhos: Manuel; Ana Baleira
    Dates 1608-07-02 - 1608-07-02
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00160
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.18v.
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    Pais: Manuel Jorge; Inês Padrinhos: Gaspar Jorge; Inês
    Dates 1601-08-31 - 1601-08-31
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00161
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.8v.
  • Item
    Pais: Miguel Francisco Padrinhos: Manuel; Isabel
    Dates 1619-12-09 - 1619-12-09
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00162
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.36
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    Pais: Paulo Dias de Barros; Maria Gonçalves Padrinhos: João Gonçalves; Maria Fernandes
    Dates 1605-02-24 - 1605-02-24
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00163
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.14v.
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    Pais: Pedro Dias; Catarina Gonçalves Padrinhos: Gaspar Gonçalves; Maria Pires
    Dates 1603-04-06 - 1603-04-06
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00164
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.11v.
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    Pais: Tomé Gonçalves; Maria Dias Padrinhos: Manuel Jorge; Isabel Fernandes
    Dates 1601-04-24 - 1601-04-24
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00165
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.8
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    Pais: Paula Padrinhos: Manuel Pinto; Isabel Mãe solteira
    Dates 1613-01-01 - 1613-01-01
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00166
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.26